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06 / 13


The only thing I don’t like in school is that there’s too much bullies in schools. Stop bullying, and stand up. Stand up is like being positive. Last year, in third grade, and now, we did some posters, and in third grade I did “stop shooting schools,” and this year I did “stop bullying, it’s not nice.” So that’s why my class and I treat ourselves like a community.

I wanna be a birdwatcher and an artist. I wanna be a birdwatcher because I saw in the library upstairs, there’s a book about birds, and there’s interesting birds that I wanna test when I grow up. I wanna test their wings and how they spend their life. I wanna be an artist because every time that I draw with my brother, we’re like doing a contest and I’m always winning because I got so many things in my mind and I wanna be so creative. 

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