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01 / 13

Something I’m proud of about myself is that I just didn’t give up. Even though I’m only sixteen and I didn’t even like put a dent in life yet, I know I have more problems to encounter, more stuff. But I know for the stuff that I’ve been through so far in life, I don’t know, I don’t give up and I just kept going besides what I was thinking or how it felt. I’m proud of myself for maturing, even within myself.

Right now I work at Teen Empowerment. It’s my second year there, it’s just like a brief thing. It’s a non-profit and they hire 12 or 13 youth ages 14-21 so we plan free events for teens to come to based on problems in our community like poverty, racism, stuff like that, so even like, and it is my job, but some of the time it doesn’t feel like work because it’s like I have so many outlets there when I’m going through stuff, always have people to talk to, and it’s like I’m getting paid to do things I love. We perform verbal arts and things like that.

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